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Conventional light fittings can take up space, making a room feel smaller and more cluttered than it really is. Downlights are a great alternative as they sit flush against the ceiling of any room or area. They will instantly modernise and add sophistication to any space by providing light without intruding into the room. 

LED downlights are now more affordable than ever and are fast becoming the standard in new homes, shops, offices and can even update old homes by adding a touch of modernisation and sophistication. Other benefits that LED downlights provide include their colour range: 3000k, 4000k, 6500k, they are better for the environment as most LED’s are rated at 30,000 hours, meaning less bulbs end up in landfill, and the most obvious benefit is their energy efficiency, saving you on your energy bills.

LED downlights are simple and easy to install. Unlike conventional downlights, LED downlights do not require a transformer and their exceptional energy efficiency produces little heat. 

Our large range of LED downlights ensures that we will have exactly what you’re looking for. Options include white or silver fixtures, square or circle casing, colour output; warm white, cool white, or bright white.