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LED batten lights are the perfect energy efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes. These lights are typically mounted directly onto ceilings and walls and emit bright diffused light, covering a large area. This makes them popular for use in office environments, garages, carparks and workshops.

Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED battens are all-in-one, meaning these do not require a starter. This will provide you with instant light and eliminate the delay usually experienced with a fluorescent tube and save you from the maintenance and replacement of this component. LED battens also last longer and produce less heat.

We offer an extensive range of LED batten lights to suit your needs and budget. We stock LED battens rated for indoor use and weatherproof rated for outdoor use. Indoor battens have a rating of IP20 or similar, while battens installed outside or in high moisture environments should be rated IP65.

Upgrade your lighting system by installing a model with built in motion sensor. These lights will turn on automatically when motion is detected and will turn off after a period of time has elapsed without sensing any movement.

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